A Spring Day in the Pacific Northwest

Shh!  Don’t tell anyone, but a spring day in the Pacific Northwest can be glorious.  I am fortunate that I happen to be at home on a vacation day with my husband.


He didn’t have anything planned for his morning, so he accompanied me on my morning walk with the dogs.  It was so nice to stroll along holding hands with my high-school sweetheart by my side.


Usually, we head our separate ways each morning.  Dan likes to run errands and get the mail each day.  I walk the dogs and then head upstairs to the computer to try to get some work done.  Today was different.  Since we don’t have to head off to work this afternoon, we took the time to enjoy the day together.


Rather than struggling to control two dogs, I was able to relax on the walk and snap a few pictures of the beauty around us. Sometimes I am so busy rushing through my day that I don’t even take time to notice the world around me.


Look what I have been missing!  My prayer is that each day I will take the time to look, really look, at the world and the people around me.  All creation declares the glory of God.  Today I’m thankful for the beauty of creation. Nothing shouts the glory of God louder to me than all the wonders of His creation.


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