Recently the mail brought one of the nicest letters I have ever received.  It wasn’t so much about me, as it was about the blessing of sisterhood and family.  The letter so perfectly expressed my feelings on the importance of family and relationships that I wanted to share it with you all.


This card comes with a deep appreciation for all the cards and gifts you have sent to me through the years.  Please do not think that you need to send me a present at Christmas.  I fully enjoy Christmas knowing that our family has been blessed with a wonderful mother, father, and 6 beautiful, independent, resourceful sisters!  I am so blessed with sisters and know that at any time I need a friend to talk to or just someone to rant and rave to – I can call on any one of my sisters.  As the years go by (and I get older), I realize just how much this means to me.  After talking to friends that do not have sisters to turn to, I feel so sorry for them.  For without my sisters love, I would at times be lost!

Remember, I love you and appreciate you.  At this time in your life, please, take care of yourself, Dan and your children.  Enjoy life, don’t worry about small things.  Knowing you are out there at the touch of a phone or email is priceless to me. “

The great news is that even if you don’t have biological sisters, you can find a friend to be a sister-of-the-heart.  If you don’t have someone like that in your life, pray and ask God to bring you a sister-of-the-heart.  Psalm 68:6 says “God places the lonely in families.”  What a beautiful promise from God.


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