10 Great Things About Today

Two precious ladies, Janice and Mom

# 1. I got to spend time with two of my favorite ladies, my mom and my disAbled sister, Janice.

# 2. We took a trip to visit the place where Janice had worked for twenty years before she had to retire for medical reasons. I have written about this organization before. It is called L’Arche Farm and Gardens and is located in Tacoma, WA. Growing People, Growing Plants

# 3. I had heard about the people at L’Arche for years but never had the chance to meet them until today. What a treat! Here is Janice with an old friend and co-worker, Debbie. Janice lit up when she saw her old friend.

Janice and Debbie

# 4. When we arrived, everyone was busy at their assigned job. Everyone, no matter their disAbility has a job to do at L’Arche. We took time to take a short tour of a couple of the green houses while we waited for the barbeque to begin. It was really hot, but nobody was complaining, they just kept right on working.

Greenhouse 2

Greenhouse 1

# 5. We were blessed by the great artwork in the room where we ate lunch. Beautiful!

family and friends at L'Arche

cross at L'Arche

# 6. They grow awesome plants and vegetables! They sell them at Farmer’s Markets, fairs, churches, etc. They also sell crafts and eggs.

bountiful harvest

# 7. They remembered Janice and were so glad she came back for a visit. This really blessed my heart.

Janice and Friend

# 8. They pulled out old photos to share. Look how young Janice looks in this picture! Click on the photo and read the kind words they wrote about Janice.

blurb about Janice

# 9. The program coordinator who hired Janice way back in 1987 is still there at L’Arche today…still “Growing People, Growing Plants”. That’s Pat (Program Coordinator) and Janice in the old picture below. (My camera battery died before I could get a new photo today.) They used to have epic water gun fights on Friday’s after the work was done for the day.

Janice and Pat 1987

# 10. They asked us back! They are having a reunion in August with people coming from all over the country to visit. At the reunion, Janice hopes to get to see a lot of the people in this old photo. Can’t wait!

the team from L'Arche 1987

If you live in Pierce County, check out L’Arche Farm and Gardens. You won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “10 Great Things About Today

  1. What a wonderful facility! Janice was blessed to be there, and from the sounds of things, she was a blessing to them, too. Thank you for sharing this post on the Tuesday DifferentDream.com link share!

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