10 More Tips for Parents of Teens

tips logo Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Parenting teens can be a challenge to even the most experienced parent. Here are ten more easy tips to help you through the teen years.

* Encourage curiosity and lifelong learning. Model this for them by always being interested in learning and trying new things. Help them to develop a sense of adventure.

* Teach them to serve others. Find a project to volunteer at together. Help at the local food bank, serve meals at the homeless shelter, read to elderly shut-ins or children. Your church or community would be happy to plug you into a volunteer position. Help them find the joy in serving others.

* Teach them to walk away from negative people and bad situations. Let them know they can call you anytime if they need to get away from friends who are making bad choices. Help your teen surround themselves with people who will build them up. Teach them to choose their friends wisely.

* Limit social media. Yes, I said that. Set a time limit for social media use each day. Of course, this means you have to model the same behavior. Let family time be family time. Focus on each other and not your phone, computer or other electronic device.

* Cell phones should recharge at night in mom and dad’s bedroom. No child should have access to their phone after bedtime.

* Teach them to accept defeat gracefully and win with humility. You can’t win every time, so teach them to lose with dignity and grace.

* Teach them to respect themselves and others. Show them how to disagree with someone without using foul language or violence. Teach them modesty in dress and speech.

* Teach them manners and how to behave in social situations. Expect good behavior from them at a young age and model it for them yourself. Prepare them to function in the adult world.

* Teach them there are consequences for their actions. Don’t always cover for them. If they forget to turn in an assignment at school, don’t rescue them. Children learn to be responsible for their own behavior if they face consequences.

* Teach them to apologize when they are wrong. Learning to apologize and accept responsibility for your actions is a mark of maturity.

Do you have a tip to share about parenting teens?


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