Book Review: “Life Not Typical, How Special Needs Parenting Changed My Faith and My Song” by Jennifer Shaw

I was lucky enough to come across Jennifer Shaw’s book in my local public library. Score! The book is a beautifully written and honest description of her journey with her special needs son, Toby. From the first hints that something was wrong with their little boy, she describes the challenges she and her husband faced as they sought to find a diagnosis and treatment for their son. It is a testimony to the importance of early intervention in the lives and future success of each special needs child. Jennifer’s son is eventually diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, but this book is encouraging to any parent of a special needs child, regardless of their diagnosis.

Jennifer’s story is also a testament to the grace of God to meet us in every situation and to give us the hope and faith to go on. I highly recommend this book to any parent. After you read it, be sure to give it to a friend or relative. They will gain insight into your world as a special needs parent.

You can read more about Jennifer and her book here:


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