GoBabyGo…it’s all about mobility

GoBabyGo…it’s all about mobility

I saw this story on the news tonight.  Researchers at the University of Delaware are making mobility for disabled kids affordable. It is wonderful to see people coming up with inexpensive ways to help children with mobility problems get around.  They even provide directions for parents to build a mobility device on their own.  http://www.udel.edu/gobabygo/ It reminded me of the ingenuity my family used when raising my developmentally disabled sister.  In the 1960’s there weren’t any therapy toys or aides.  My sister struggled with fine motor skills, so an uncle invented a therapy board for her to use.  He soldered different sizes of bolts onto a flat piece of metal.  My sister’s job was to find the correct sized nut and screw it onto the bolt.  It was quite ingenious and she used it for many years.  It really did improve her hand/eye coordination.  Parents of special needs children are relentless in finding ways to provide the therapy their child needs. 


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